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Frontend Submissions: verify website is correct for "Your Website URL" field

On our frontend submission form there are two fields for websites. Only one of them checks that it is correct url format with http://www while the other doesn't. We need the other to check for correct format. Our users keep submitting incomplete urls and then their links are broken.

1. ‘Your Website URL’ field does not check if has http://

2. ‘Registration URL’ field does check if correct url and will not let use submit if incorrect url. We need the ‘Your Website URL’ field to be like this!

Thank you

  • Robyn Graham
  • Sep 5 2017
  • Planned: All
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  • Michelle Dragony commented
    September 05, 2017 23:50

    I agree

    website fields should be consistent and favor the non-techie user. thanks

  • Admin
    Rik Logtenberg commented
    September 06, 2017 11:31

    Hello! Thanks for raising this issue.

    I am sending it to our technical team and it should be fixed for the upcoming releases of the plugin.

    Timely Dev Team