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More front-end submission options for new Hub calendar

The new Hub calendar does not offer anonymous front-end submissions like the hosted WordPress calendar does. Suggest that you add the option in admin to allow for anonymous postings with customizable confirmation emails, as well as the option for the submitter to create their own account. Also, when the submitter does create an account, allow them to complete their post to the calendar that asked them to sign up, before depositing them in their own calendar with no explanation as to how they got there and no evident way to complete the submission they started with. Also, allow the admin to se the order of the products created so that we don't have to add 1., 2,, 3. etc. to the name of each product, and put the products at the top of the submission form, not the bottom. Also, allow the disclaimer to be formatted using HTML tags (ideally include a Tiny MCE type of toolbar).  I think that covers it for now ;-)

  • Gil Poulsen
  • Sep 27 2017
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  • David Klumph commented
    October 10, 2017 21:23

    The office creates events and publishes them and all we want the non- office submitters to do is submit events to our calendar, like they used to do, then we modify them and publish them if the event as appropriate.

    This was taken away from our Pro plan so we upgraded. How do we accomplish this function instead of all that the Hub calendar offers?