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Improve "Submit Event" Experience

This issue is a bit hard to explain – but it affects new users clicking the  "Submit Event" button.


This issue is that (after they become a user and log in), when they fill out the submission form, they run into the following two confusing areas:


One is the Venue and a similar one is the “PERSON/Sponsor/User/Contact” – I can’t remember the actual name.


In both of these cases, the user is presented with a blank "fill-in-the-blank" field.

So what happens is that the person (my client) begins to type a venue name – and tries to select it – and then continues down the form – hoping that the selection has taken place. Since this is a new user – the normal dropdown of choices does not appear – for nothing is connected to the user. Of course, the user should click “+ New” and fill out all the information – but this is not clear.


Second the person finally figures this out, and clicks the “+ New” and fills out the information. However, the person doesn’t see the “Save” button to the right – and instead clicks the big “Save” button at the bottom of the form. A big red banner appears – stating possible problems.


In any event, everything here does work, but my client and I (when testing on her behalf), were both confused by this. So my point is that although everything does work – it appears to me that possibly your team could rework this to make it less confusing.

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  • Oct 6 2017
  • Planned: Web App
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