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[User Experience] Give Calendar Owners the option to hide the link that takes a user to a Timely Dashboard

Some Calendar Owners may like the branded dashboard that their users can use to edit/modify events from.  However, it cannot be branded with a Calendar Owner's own logo or colors. Since our team places a HIGH IMPORTANCE on workflows and user experience, we would like the option to hide the dashboard and this language:

"To see what else your calendar can do, click here"

To us, we see this as an issue of who owns the customer and its experience.  Giving a Calendar Owner the option in their dashboard to hide this language gives us the power to choose what user experience we want our customers to have.

  • Kevin T
  • Oct 10 2017
  • Planned: Web App
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  • Admin
    Rik Logtenberg commented
    October 12, 2017 13:43

    Hello Kevin! Thanks again for providing such detailed ideas and feedback.

    We're sending this to our technical team and we'll keep you updated about the development and release of it.

    Timely Dev Team