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managing stock in recurring events

Hi Sunny,

Unfortunately is my english level, I prefer to explain in best way that I can instead to use a translator :)

On the other side, as I comment before, my question is simple:

Event: form 05jan18 to 28jan18
When: FRI-SAT-SUN 20:00-21:00HS
(Total: 12 events)
Then, I don´t know if your plugin can assign a stock for each one or a global stock for the “master event”.
A/ Global: 120seats (if the plugin split it into the number of event repetitions)
B/ Single stock: 10 seats for each event

Under my experience with the use of other plugins the problem is that the global stock can´t set a limit stock per event, then you can´t manage a seating by event…

If your plugin can manage it I´ll be happy :)

I hope to be clear this time.

Brgds, Flavio

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  • Oct 12 2017
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