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RSS feed for newsletter automation (Saas Web App calendar)

RSS is very useful for multiple reasons, RSS newsletter automation being one.

There is no RSS on the Saas Web App now.  The newsletter system is nice, but Mailchimp has multiple features that I don't expect to develop anytime soon.  One of those is RSS newsletters which has worked very nicely for years with the v1 of ai1ec.

Sample how the Mailchimp setup looks here. This provided full description, included images as well as fully functioning links to each event in a filtered rss feed: 

Ability to filter the RSS feed with tags and categories is important as well as setting a limit on number of events, better yet a time range, preferably both. 
It would make sense to me that the option would be included in the subscribe popup window using the customer defined filters.

I hope this gets implemented, as it would allow Saas Web App customers to use the great newsletter interface that Mailchimp has to offer as well as a ton of other RSS possibilities.  Very much value added. The information is very basic and technology old and well documented.

PS: I was encouraged to start a separate idea than the nr 274 by Tashmina Artists, since it should be easier to implement on the Saas Web App.  That idea is 18 months old and is marked as planned for hosted.

  • Karl Kristjánsson
  • Oct 13 2017
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  • Sunny Lal commented
    October 13, 2017 16:27

    FYI: This feature request is for the Saas Web App calendar.

  • Karl Kristjánsson commented
    October 14, 2017 00:18

    Thanks Sunny, I edited the idea with that proper term.

  • Admin
    Rik Logtenberg commented
    October 16, 2017 11:19

    Hello Karl! Thanks for raising this idea.

    We are sending it to our technical team and we will keep you updated about the development of it.

    Timely Dev Team.