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For tickets, It would be good if an extra field would be added for Taxes that only calendar owner would see.

Events have all kinds of rules for taxes and it would be useful to be able to name the taxes based on event type or some other criteria.  This way, the calendar operator can choose a Tax according to event type, rather than have to remember which tax is on each event type during event creation. Something like this for example if based on event type, but of course the description will be very different for everyone depending on their tax issues.

Currently, the tax name is printed on the invoice that the customer receives.  I think many would like to have the invoice only displaying the basic "tax", "sales tax", "hst", but as soon as you give the tax a name it gets printed on the invoice like so:

(see: Sales Tax (music))

This would be very useful if multiple operators are running one calendar and not all have the knowhow on taxes, or if a calendar is selling tickets in multiple states/provinces or internationally and require better description.

Not important for me atm, just a suggestion for you since I noticed this.

  • Karl Kristjánsson
  • Oct 17 2017
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  • Sunny Lal commented
    October 18, 2017 16:39

    Thanks for the suggestions Karl.  The Tax field is mandatory by law in most locations, it must be entered by jurisdiction and the tax name is not generally negotiable.  It is also mandatory that the tax is displayed on the receipt or purchase page.  Generally a tax name cannot be chosen based on event type. The field is only provided as a legal requirement for sellers to charge the required tax by law, and the name of said tax is dependant on the local law where the seller resides and is doing business.

  • Karl Kristjánsson commented
    October 18, 2017 19:56

    Thank you for your reply Sunny,

    I wonder if you missed the point of my idea.  I am aware that a tax field is required by law.  Thats exactly why it would be useful to be able to name them so that all the taxes would not show "sales tax" "sales tax" "sales tax" in the list of my picture nr.1 drop down window.

    My suggestion pertains to the naming of the field for the calendar operator.  So he can choose from a selection of taxes with names that do not go on the receipt that the customer receives.

  • Admin
    Rik Logtenberg commented
    October 23, 2017 12:25

    Hi Karl! Thanks for raising this idea.

    I got your point and I think it will be very useful for calendar admins.

    In order to prioritize the development, we will keep checking the votes for this idea.

    Timely Dev Team