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Give Calendar Owners the ability to specify whether their Calendar Users (admins/editors/etc i.e. their internal team) should receive notifications of calendar submissions

Currently, we use Timely to manage a single calendar.  The email notifications can only go to a single address as specified in the 'Reviewer' field located here:

We find this limiting because we may want to notify multiple members of the team so whoever is available can take the necessary action.  The ability to receive these email notifications should be a separate option specific to each Calendar User.  The current suggested solution to maintain a single email that broadcasts and notifies our Calendar Users creates a system that will require vigilance as the team grows or turns over.  This would be much better managed from within the Timely dashboard under the Calendar User permissions as a separate option.

  • Kevin T
  • Oct 24 2017
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  • Guest commented
    October 24, 2017 20:45

    I like your idea.

    In the interim, you could create a team email address that goes out to several people .. ie. could be set up (on your side) to go out to everyone who is suppose to be notified. Yes, ideally, Timely would build several notification accounts - but this is a workaround in the interim.