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Add Outlook Sync/Subscribe button to actual event ticket

My calendar is set-up for a corporate office; we use it display our training schedule. Our calendar is housed on an internal WordPress site and we operate daily within a remote server, which does not allow us to open the WordPress site that houses the calendar. One of the main issues employees have reported with our calendar is that it does not allow them to sync the event that they register for, using ticketing, to their Outlook calendar.

When I submitted a help request a few weeks ago, I was told that there was now a "Subscribe" button at the top of the calendar that would allow the sync to Outlook. However, what we've discovered is that since we cannot open the site inside our remote server, we are unable to sync to Outlook. We have registered for events, on different websites such as SkillPath seminars/webinars, and we register on our desktop, off of the remote server, and when we enter the email and register, we receive the meeting on our Outlook calendar. I submitted another help ticket to find out if this was possible, due to the remote server issue, and was told to submit this idea. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the Outlook "Subscribe" to the actual ticket, this way, the event would be directly linked to our Outlook email and calendar. I'm not sure if it's possible, or if it would even work considering we are in a remote server, but I was hoping to get some feedback to learn if it was even possible to get that added to the actual tickets.

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  • Oct 30 2017
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