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Make it possible to uncheck events with Bulk edit.

This would be useful to change the categories or any other filter on many events at once. As it is now, you can only add filters, not change the current ones.

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  • Oct 30 2017
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    Rik Logtenberg commented
    October 31, 2017 12:42

    Hello! Thanks for sending this idea.

    Are you using our WP plugin or our Web App?
    I'm asking because you can remove taxonomies from your events in our Web App.

    You just need to select the events in "All Events" and then choose "Remove Taxonomies" in the bulk actions options.

    Let me know if this is what you're looking for.


  • Guest commented
    November 02, 2017 19:47

    Hi Raquel, I'm using the WP plugin. It would be useful to have a "Remove Taxonomies" option in the plugin as well. Perhaps that's what I should change my idea to?