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Twitter Auto-Share >> Hashtags Merged

When the Twitter auto-Share feature is enabled, there is currently no way to customize which elements from the event are used as hashtags.

Currently, it appears as though the category is used as the preliminary hashtag.

While this is fine for single-word categories, if the category title includes a space, the hashtag is formatted with underscores (a character that is rarely, if ever, used in hashtags); if it includes a non-alphanumeric character, the hashtag "breaks", making it look quite ugly:

Category Title: Meetings & Networking
Current Resulting Hashtag: #Meetings_&_Networking

In the above example, only a fraction of the hashtag (#Meetings_) is clickable, essentially rendering the inclusion of this specific hashtag pointless.

I have a few ideas on how this could be improved:

1) Simply remove the underscore (and any other non-alphanumeric characters) and create a "one word" hashtag.


Category Title: Meetings & Networking
Resulting Hashtag: #MeetingsNetworking

2) Allow calendar users to choose whether or not they wish for the category to be included in the tweet. Perhaps provide a “tweet designer” field, where they can specify which elements of the event populate the tweet and where/how.

3) Allow calendar users to specify a hashtag to be associated with each category.


Category Title: Meetings & Networking
Resulting Hashtag: the user could specify “#meetings” or “#networking” as the category’s hashtag

When events in this category are tweeted, the feature would post the user-defined hashtag instead of the category-based hashtag currently being created.

When looking at tweeted events that also have associated ”tags", these tags appear after the category, near the end of the tweet.

Again, while this is fine for single-word tags, if the tag includes a space, the hashtag is formatted with underscores (we really need to get rid of the use of underscores in hashtags).

I believe the best way to address this aspect of the tweet is to simply remove the underscore (and any other non-alphanumeric characters) and create a "one word" hashtag.


Tag: whipped cream
Current Resulting Hashtag: #whipped_cream
Ideal Resulting Hashtag: #whippedcream

Essentially, the twitter accounts of Timely calendars using this feature will often post hashtags that appear broken and seldom match up with any widely-used hashtags. This reflects poorly on the twitter accounts of timely calendar users and may even be negatively affecting their businesses.

I’d really like to see this issue resolved in 2018, as it’s been plaguing our calendar's twitter account since we started using the feature several years ago.

Thank you for your consideration!

-Brian & WC

  • Brian Ball
  • Jan 4 2018
  • Needs More Votes