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Twitter Auto-Share >> Include Featured Image as Media Object

When events are tweeted using the Twitter Auto-Share feature, the event’s Featured Image is not included as a media object.

Currently, the event’s Featured Image *may* display in certain circumstances, but only as part of a website preview, generated from the URL included in the tweet.

Situations where this currently takes place seem to be relegated to desktop users of twitter’s website, while mobile users do not see this preview.

Ideally, the Featured Image associated with an event to be tweeted would be inserted as a media object, allowing the Featured Image to be visible to any/all users viewing the tweet, regardless of the device/platform being used.


Tweet including media object:
Tween not including media object:

Documentation for developers of twitter apps looking to associate images as media objects in tweets can be viewed here:

Thanks so much for your consideration!


  • Brian Ball
  • Jan 4 2018
  • Planned: Web App
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  • Admin
    Rik Logtenberg commented
    January 05, 2018 11:58

    Hello Brian! We really appreciate the ideas you've been sending us for the last days.

    I'm sending this one to our technical team, to we can get an estimate for implementing it.

    Timely Dev Team

  • Brian Ball commented
    January 05, 2018 16:41

    My pleasure, Raquel! Glad to be part of the calendar revolution!