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Timely >> Songkick API Integration

Hello Timely!

In effort to import upcoming concerts/shows from artists that we believe visitors to our site would find value in discovering, we’ve “hacked” together a calendar feed from popular concert discovery site/service, Songkick, which can be viewed here:

This feed currently populates events on our site which look like this:

- - -

In its current state, the feed is able to correctly “map” the following fields to our Timely calendar:

1) Event Title
2) Event Date
3) Event Location/Venue

- - -

However, there are other aspects of these events which are either a) not "mapped" at all, or b) could be much more neatly “mapped” to a Timely calendar:

1) Event Time — currently all events from this feed are imported as “all day” events
2) Event Description - currently, a long, ugly URL populates this area
3) Ticket Price / Purchase URL - not currently mapped
4) Event/Artist Image - not currently mapped
5) Detailed Venue information - not currently mapped
6) Artist Bio - not currently mapped

- - -

I’ve personally reached out to Songkick, asking that they consider updating the ICS calendar feed I’m using (see above), and received the following reply:

Hi Brian,

Thanks for writing in – it’s great to see you’re using Songkick to power the events on the website you’re building.

Importing a calendar is mainly designed for personal use, i.e. to import all the gigs from your personal songkick calendar to your personal calendar app. This is the reason why it’s not very flexible in terms of the data you can extract from it.

We’d suggest instead using the calendar endpoint on our API which should allow you to get the data you’re looking for! You can find documentation on this particular API endpoint here – Alternatively, a more simple approach may be to use the Songkick widget – you can find out more about this feature here:

If you have any questions about using Songkick’s API, you can post questions and get support from the community over on our Google Group!forum/songkick-api.



- - -

I believe that an integration with Songkick’s API would provide a great value to Timely calendars as a way to beautifully populate their calendars with detailed, relevant concert listings and would in turn provide a great deal of value to visitors of Timely calendars by providing a discovery method for said events.

- - -

Further information on the Songkick API can be found here:

- - -

Thank you for your consideration of implementing a connection with the Songkick API for Timely calendar users looking to populate their calendars with upcoming concerts!


  • Brian Ball
  • Jan 10 2018
  • Planned: Web App
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  • Admin
    Rik Logtenberg commented
    January 15, 2018 10:46

    Hi Brian, thanks for raising this idea!

    I'm sending it to our technical team to check how their API works.
    Timely Dev Team