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Agenda view should not show today's events that have already ended Merged

In this new hub, agenda view shows the current day but it now shows all events that have happened today, even if the end time has passed.

For example, right now it is evening, but I am still seeing this morning’s storytimes and other events that ended before noon today. In the old hub, those events would no longer appear because the end time has passed. The fact that they remain, and yet the end time isn’t visible without several clicks on each event, makes it very cumbersome for midday users to know which events are still options for them today. (I addressed the missing end times in a separate listing at

This is going to be a big problem in the summer, when we list fairs and festivals (day-long events) alongside storytimes (only 30 minutes long). Mid-day users who would be willing to go to fireworks at the end of a festival will have trouble digging up that event among all the short morning events that have ended.

  • Sharon Aigler
  • Feb 9 2018
  • Planned: Web App