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Display only as a single day if the event goes passed midnight

As a calendar owner, I often have night events that start at ie. 8pm and goes into 1am or 2am.  In the current web-based calendar, these events are displayed as 2 day events (personally, I consider any event that ends before dawn to be a single night event - ie. a Sat night event, not a Sat & Sun event).

I would like to see an option to select what time a day starts and ends in the local time zone. 

Although the default could remain at midnight though, since it is actually correct and different parties may want different cutoffs. I would like to see the option to edit my end date (self select it) to the start date as needed.. ie. so if an event goes from Saturday at 8pm until 2am, I can edit the event so that it is displayed only as Saturday).

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  • Feb 19 2018
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  • elizabeth garcia commented
    February 19, 2018 19:18

    This is a very important feature for us, most events on Friday and Saturday nights go past midnight for us and anywhere with a lot of nightlife.

    I'm not sure how the back end/coding works but if an event date is 2/14 with a start time of 8pm and an end time of 2am, that is not a two-day event. 

    It seems like the event date and event start and end times should be separate in the back end, not sure how that works but other calendars work that way.

  • Mike Messeroff commented
    March 01, 2018 08:35

    I cannot UPVOTE this enough! It is such a poor user experience to see events from last night (that ended hours ago) as the first thing they see on our Live Music Calendar. If an event has ended when the user is viewing the calendar, it should no longer appear. Thanks for making this a priority guys!!

  • Guest commented
    April 09, 2018 20:39

    This is an important problem that needs resolved. Manually going in and changing each event is not acceptable. Also by needed to check Preserve my changes and stop refreshing this event it prevents any possible updates generated by the original poster.

    Perhaps there is some way have events that end by 2-3 am to be counted as the same day, not carry over as a second day for the event.