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Add blank ics calendars / hide calendars from display

I'm using the All in one Calendar to display a combined calendar of multiple google calendars on a site that I created and manage.  The calendars are managed by multiple people, not necessarily me, and as I was prepping the site for these calendar managers and adding the feeds to the site I discovered that the calendar feed cannot be added to my All In One Event Calendar unless there is at least one event on the calendar.

Again, I don't manage these calendars, I manage the website, so my responsibility to the calendar displayed on the site lies with simply making sure that its functional and that the calendar managers have the functionality they need to ensure they can display their events on the site.

In order to "force" the calendar to appear on the site, I added a test event to each calendar with the intention of 1) ensuing that the calendar feeds work, and 2) that I would delete the test events after I added the calendar.  It never occurred to me that the calendar would continue to display those test events after I deleted them from the google calendars, but that is what is occurring.

This is a very low priority request, but it would be great if the calendar feed functionality could be changed so that blank calendars could be added to the All In One Calendar as well as being able to be updated when the calendar has a single item that was removed from the google calendar.  This might be more easily accomplished by allowing users to add the feed as it currently functions (with a single test event) and provide users with the ability to hide a calendar from display on the All in One Calendar until the user decides to display it.

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  • Feb 4 2016
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