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SEO conflicts: Please add option to disable add_meta_tags()

Please add option to Wordpress plugin to disable add_meta_tags() to avoid conflicts with SEO plugins.
Currently this plugin always outputs tags which are duplicated if using an SEO plugin:

a temporary workaround is simply to add a return statement to the code:

    public function add_meta_tags() {

as there seems to be no suitable hook to avoid this code running.


The Wordpress SEO tools (eg Yoast) allow configuration of the tags to get eg sensible excerpt output, but the Timely forcibly overrides this by adding additional blank description tags… then for example when sharing an event to facebook, facebook detects the last blank tag and then scrapes the page to pick up text from the page which then includes:
"Add to Timely CalendarAdd to GoogleAdd to OutlookAdd to Apple Calendar"
which makes no sense appearing in a facebook post.

This can be avoided by detecting the SEO plugin or allowing an option to disable these tags.


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In my view this is a bug but I am being requested to raise it as a feature request.

  • Jonathan Moore
  • Feb 26 2018
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  • Keely Worth commented
    April 14, 2018 00:02

    This should have a lot more votes but people don't realise this is happening. I have to get a dev to remove the Open Graph tags.