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Allow to show different time format

It would be great if there was an option to specify whether the times are displayed in 'am/pm' 12-hour format or 'hh:mm' 24-hour format. This is especially important because for example in Germany. The 24-hour format is common and people might not be familiar with the 'am/pm' style.

Please let me know if you can offer this function. I'd highly appreciate it.

  • Van Bo
  • Feb 27 2018
  • Planned: Web App
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  • Jonas Steinsson commented
    September 05, 2018 15:24

    Most of Europe uses the 24 hour format, it is in fact the more widespread of the two so I can't fathom that this feature wasn't built in from the start.

  • Saskia commented
    09 Jan 13:27

    Please make this feature also available for the plugin in Wordpress, would be much appreciated. Could you inform us (here) if and when this will happen? Thanks guys!