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Maintain filter after applying a bulk action (back end)

It is wonderful to be able to filter events on the back end by so many taxonomies!

After filtering, once an action is taken on an event or set of bulk events, the page appears to reload and the selected filters appear to remain applied. But, in fact, the filters do not apply and all the events are listed.

Users must hit "Filter Events" again to filter the list again after applying an action. (See attached image).

I'd love to see the list filter on its own when reloading. If that's not possible, the filters should be removed after applying an action so users aren't led to believe the filters still apply.


I mistakenly deleted hundreds of events when I thought I was deleting a smaller filtered subset. When I restored the events, they had lost their organizer and venue taxonomies, which was devastating. Even after realizing the problem, I've caught myself making the same error. It's not intuitive.

  • Sharon Aigler
  • Mar 5 2018
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