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Allow us to set with_front for custom post type in settings

I use a permalink structure of which means that events were showing up as which is wrong taxonomically speaking. 


Using the Custom Post Type Permalinks plugin wasn't letting me change that because the ai1ec_event CPT has with_front hardcoded to true. 

For now I've fixed this for myself by going into all-in-one-event-calendar/lib/post/custom-type.php and changing

$rewrite     = array( 'slug' => Ai1ec_I18n::__( 'event' ));


$rewrite     = array( 'slug' => Ai1ec_I18n::__( 'event' ), 'with_front' => false);


But this will break whenever I upgrade the plugin. 

It would be great if you would let us toggle with_front in the plugin settings. 

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  • Mar 21 2018
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