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Allow Start & End Time Increments of 15 minutes for All-In-One Calendar Events

When setting up events in the Timely All-In-One Event calendar, the minimum time increments are for every 30 minutes. For one of the places we are renting for a recurring event, the time of our actual event has to start at 6:45pm and end at 7:45pm (due to setup and transition of another group that has the room before our group does). The current system will NOT allow us to manually change the time to allow 15 minute increments.

So, right now, we have to go by the timely start time of 6:30 and end time of  8:00pm since that's all that was allowed in the calendar. Of course we can add the actual start time of 6:45 to the Title of the Event or within the description, however this causes confusion for people to see two different times, especially for people who may not be familiar with our event. Even if they show up a bit early, they walk into the wrong forum wondering what's going on. Please consider making this change.

Thank you!

  • LM Floyd
  • Apr 3 2018
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  • Sharon Aigler commented
    April 07, 2018 17:57

    LM Floyd, you should be able to manually type in the 15 minute increment. In your example, select 6:30, then highlight the "30" and type "45"