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Ability to add PDF files to event descriptions


Holly Albanese

Apr 27, 14:50 CEST

Hello Sunny,

Yes I am aware that the advanced version allows for media. I had asked that question already but then attempted to attach a pdf and wanted to see if that was available in the advanced version as well. I have to tell you I am also testing another calendar that not only allows media but also pdf. They have a mini calendar plugin, an upcoming events list plugin and an app so you can edit or add events from your phone/tablet. I have to be honest I prefer Timely’s selection of calendar views its visually appealing which is what libraries need for their customers but the inability to attach a pdf may be a deal breaker for us. Timely has many features that I think are awesome and the ease of creating/editing/discarding events is great plus I love that the software is intuitive to sizing the images for the calendar view. Adding images to the other calendar demo is difficult and other than a month calendar view they have a “list” view and that requires a great deal of scrolling due to its design. I was leaning towards Timely and even willing to upgrade and pay a fee but not sure without the pdf ability. I will definitely use the demo but I would highly recommend Timely adding that feature in the near future even if it is part of the advanced version. I hope this feedback helps.

Thank you

Holly Albanese

Library Director

Flagler County Public Library

2500 Palm Coast Parkway, NW Palm Coast, FL 32137

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  • Apr 27 2018
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  • Sunny Lal commented
    April 27, 2018 18:32

    Dev Team, the request is to add abilty to attach PDF files to the Event Description field.  It will greatly help in making the software more competitive.

  • Adam Hechler commented
    15 Jan 21:40

    There's a similar idea that should be merged with this one which would result in more votes.