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Customizable Submission Forms for Custom Products in EventPromote

I would like the ability to create Custom Products that are actually customized by defining the elements included in the submission form.

If I could just use the Check Box system to decide which items are included, I can better control my submissions and provide my users with a better experience.

The ability to show or hide every individual item is important, but specifically looking for:

- The ability to show or hide selecting an end date - Ideally I could choose an option that allows users to select a single date and then a start and end time. This would let me keep event submissions as "Single Day" and I could charge accordingly.

- The ability to show or hide selecting "repeat event"

- The ability to show or hide fields for Cats, Tags, and Custom fields i.e. if I have NO categories defined, I could choose not to show that field. If I have 4 Custom Options, I might only want to users to access 3 of them (1 of those might be more for admin purposes)


With this ability, the payment schemes of "Per Day" and "Fixed" become much more flexible because I can better define the product.


Also - along those lines, the calendar and the cart should do more talking and/OR there needs to be some sort of pop-up notification if users select payment dates that differ from the event dates. We don't all speak lingo in the form of "destinations" and "per day" options - and I personally found it pretty confusing as to what I was inputting and what I was paying for and what would actually happen. Need to make this more user friendly for a lower common denominator.

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  • Jun 14 2018
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