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Add Organizers and Venues to the "Promote your event to another Timely Calendar" Section

It would be very useful to my community if we all added events using the same Organizers and Venues as well as the using the same Categories, Tags and other custom filters. I would recommend adding the Organizers drop down menu and the Venues drop down menu to the "Promote your event to another Timely Calendar" section. Because Organizers and Venues are not included in this section, my community is not able to browse the calendar properly by Organizer and by Venue from the calendar filters. If a community member, looks at my calendar and chooses one of the venues, they will only see the events at that venue that I added (and not other submitted events held at the same venue). The user's event search will be incomplete and even misleading. Another way of addressing this is to allow the Administrator of the calendar to edit the Organizer and the Venue information for submitted events (meaning when reviewing a submitted event, the Administrator account can use it's own list of Organizers and Venues in those fields). 

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  • Jul 13 2018
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