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Eliminate the option for an All Day Event or allow it to be disabled

All events have a start time and we need our vendors to submit events with the proper start time. I always edit submissions to include an estimated end time, but I can understand that some calendar users may prefer to keep the "No end time" option. I do not see any purpose for "All day event" and vendors tend to take the easy way out and click that box rather than entering times. This is a disservice to our calendar users who need to know what time they can arrive, so I'd like to see the "all day event" option eliminated OR allow us to disable it as a choice on our calendar if we choose to do so. 

  • Brandy Schaefer
  • Aug 10 2018
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    Kafui Hotsonyame commented
    September 21, 2018 16:45

    We can't delete the "all day" option as a lot of calendar owners need that option. But we can look into a setting allowing this to be disabled