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Add venues from imported events to the venue database

1. Please have your allow your venue database to be automatically populated from the import feeds from calendars (Facebook ical, google calendars, etc.)  This is important because:

* the venue database creates itself from feeds.  LESS WORK.

* the details of the venues can be edited and corrected without editing or cloning the events themselves.  IMPROVED QUALITY

2.  This is especially important because Facebook ical feeds no longer feed in the second line of the venue, which typically contains the address of the venue.  Since FB's policy changes in April, our calendar is primarily populated from the ical feed from our Facebook profile.  It is crucial to be able to edit the details of the venue associated with an event -- and NOT edit the event itself or clone the event, to avoid breaking the link back to the original calendar.  The event's venue should feed the database where I can edit details there, which then can be linked to from the event. 

This is the way your competitor Modern Tribe's venue database works.  I have switched to Timely from Modern Tribe and am interested in remaining with Timely because you have better customer service and your calendar loads much faster.  But it is very important this venue database limitation is fixed if we are to stay with you. 

Thank you!

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  • Nov 1 2018
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