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Track event displays in via Webhook

The various displays available through the hosted calendars are awesome, but we would also like to track when users click on an event (and thus bring up the window that has the full details and the tabs for venue, organizer, etc.).  There does not seem to be any tracking functionality.  It would be nice if sent some information via "webhook" functionality to a 3rd party web site, providing notification when events were "zoomed into".  Of course, this would only occur for those events that were "imported" from that domain to begin short, when specifying the "Import" fields (feed name, feed URL, etc.), it would also be handy to specify a "notification URL" (optional), so that when events are displayed that came from the import, the 3rd party site would be notified of the activities within the calendar (such as event zoom).

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  • Mar 2 2019
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    02 Mar 15:45

    More information: would use the Notification URL, and simply append one parameter to the URL (the URL itself may already have parameters, so look for "?" in the URL - if it's there, add "&" and the new parameter name/value to the end, and if not there add "?" and the parm name/value), *OR* send the variable via POST to the URL.   There would only be one parameter needed ... the UID of the event that was passed in via the iCal import to begin with.