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Use the current date as publishing date when cloning an event instead of using the original event date.

The cloned event has the same publish date as the original event, and I would like to display the current date as the date of publication.

  • Benjamin
  • Dec 10 2015
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  • Michael Gmirkin commented
    February 17, 2016 00:33

    Agree, this would be kind of nice. Having to manually edit the "Published Date" to be the current date/time is a bit tedious when you have to do it a lot.

    Would there be cases where one would WANT the original date and not an auto-generated "change"? If so, maybe a button for "change Publish Date/Time to Current Date/Time"? That maybe opens the "Publish Date/Time" section and sets it to the current date and time? Don't know if it should round to nearest 15 mins, or be "exact"? I tend to round it off, personally... But, that's just me...

    On some things I tend to abhor "automatic" changes/updates, but still want an easy way to "set it to some commonly used value and forget it..."

    Just thinking out loud and playing devil's advocate.

    But, having changed the "Published On" date with the majority of cloned-to-draft events, I could see this being a useful feature one way or the other...