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Mutliple discrete calendars administerable from common backend on same site.

So, currently, the calendar seems to just allow for a single pool of events and a single "calendar." Granted, it has "categories" and tags.

Ideally, what I'd like to see is multiple definable "calendars" for different purposes, potentially each with a different custom "embed code" or "short code" and linking back to their own "main" calendar page, rather than to some "common" calendar.

Ideally, each calendar could be named separately, and events could be associated with one or more calendars.

My thought is that you could, for instance, have one calendar for "Customer Events," one for "Staff Events," another for "Direct Support Worker Events," another for "closure dates," etc.

So, when an event is created, much as you can select one or more "categories" into which events could fall, you could select one or more calendars with which an event could be associated. At least one calendar must be selected if an event is to be shown anywhere.

So, for instance, if you had the calendar names referenced above, you might have several events:

  • Customer Dance (associated with and showing up on "Customer Events," "Staff Events," "Direct Support Worker Events")
  • Personal Support Worker Training (associated with and showing up only on "Direct Support Worker Events" calendar)
  • Case Manager Training (associated with and showing up only on "Staff Events")
  • State Computer System Training (Associated with and showing up on "Staff Events" and "Direct Support Worker Events")

Categories are nice and all, but seemingly insufficient for this purpose. You can initially specify which categories or tags show up on a calendar, but the user can select or de-select options and see things you did not intend them to see by changing the parameters of what's displayed. Ideally, different calendars should be administered more rigorously by the system and ONLY display those items associated with a given calendar on that calendar wherever it is embedded or on that calendar's "main page." Users should not be able to arbitrarily show things on one calendar that the calendar is not eligible to see because the event is not "associated" with the calendar. Like: direct support workers don't need to be able to see Case Manager trainings, etc.

And, ideally, each "calendar" should have its own "home page," such that if you click over to a "Staff" event from the "Staff Calendar", and then click "return to calendar," it returns you to the "Staff calendar" and not to any of the other calendars or to the "Master Calendar." (Unless maybe it's enabled to give the options of "return to Staff Calendar" and "return to Master Calendar" if one clicks onto an event associated with a specific named calendar other than the Master Calendar.)

And the Administrator should be able to view a "Master Calendar" and/or have the option of making the "Master Calendar" publicly visible, if it makes sense to do so (or make it restricted to certain users or classes of users, if not all users need to be able to see all entries).

Hopefully that all kind of makes sense and you can see what I'm getting at?

  • Michael Gmirkin
  • Feb 16 2016
  • Shipped to Web App
  • Jan 25, 2017

    Admin Response

    This idea has been addressed on the new timely web application.

    User can have under the same account one free calendar and unlimited paid calendars.

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