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Disentangle whether events are "Free"/"Paid" from whether event ticketing is "on"-/"off"-website?


Any chance on some minor improvements to the cost/ticketing section?

That is, disentangling "Free"/"Paid" events from "on-site"/"off-site" ticketing? The metaphors seemed to be erroneously mixed...

One can potentially have "free events" with "off-website ticketing," or "paid events" with "on-website" ticketing (or no ticketing).

Seems to me that these options should not be entangled. They should be separate sections within the cost / ticketing page.

That is, one radio button for "free"/"paid" ("paid" as default? Or option to set a default somewhere in settings) and one radio button for "on-site ticketing" (or no ticketing) vs. "off-site ticketing."

If "free" is selected, then the "cost" box would probably go away; if "paid" is selected, then the "cost" box would appear. If "Off-Site Ticketing URL" is selected, then the URL box shows up; if not, then not.

If we could get these disentangled, that'd be nice.

Though, even with "free" events, it might be nice to still have the option of specifying "registration required," possibly with some details, if there are limited seats, as is often the case for small trainings, dinners, etc. So, maybe 3 radio buttons Free/Paid, registration required/not required, ticketing none/on-website/off-website (or does AI1EC offer its own ticketing options; can't recall if there's a plugin for that; if not, then maybe on-site ticketing would be superfluous and you'd just have none/"off-site ticketing")?

  • Michael Gmirkin
  • Feb 17 2016
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  • Leslie Dunn commented
    March 02, 2016 18:15

    I agree.  And further more for events that are checked as FREE, it would be helpful to have the ticketing button actually be called and displayed as REGISTER, instead of TICKETS

  • Admin
    Robert Whiteside commented
    March 03, 2016 01:14

    Sounds good guys, this is in progress right now ...


  • Michael Gmirkin commented
    March 03, 2016 03:18

    Cool. Thanks for the update. :)