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Allow users to create tickets for recurrent events

So that I don't have to create individual events for each occurrence.

  • Robert Whiteside
  • Feb 19 2016
  • Shipped to Web App
  • Jan 25, 2017

    Admin Response

    This idea has been addressed on the new timely web application. Try out during private beta at

    All plans are FREE during private beta!

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  • Robert Brown commented
    September 10, 2016 21:45

    I do a sports complex and we run leagues... So I want the recurring events to show up on calendar so people can see something is going on during that time and be able to have the players purchase a registration for the league. But the software won't allow recurring events. I want to be able to sell 1 ticket or registration for all the event days. And it would be nice to do that and then have it so it still shows calendar afterwards, but you can't register (buy) after the start of the league. I can see other opportunities for this function like car or home improvement shows where you can buy a ticket for all days or just one day.

    So what I did was create an event to show up in the soccer section then created another event for registration for only that day.
    I can see it will get confusing after a while I have already changed one event by accident...
    Plus then I need to remember to go into the event at the end of the registration period and delete the links to the registration event...

    One other thing I would like to be able do is.... Is being able to change the name from "Tickets" to "Registration" I have already had a couple of comments and complaints that is is confusing seeing Tickets instead of Registration...