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Ability to set event "statuses," "status colors," automatic "expiration date"?

So, currently, we host a training class schedule for a 3rd party.

But that's neither here not there. Pretty sure this applies to everybody.

Would be kind of nice if there was a way of like systematically marking events as statuses like "available," "full," "cancelled," "postponed," "in progress," and "expired/"archived."

Currently have a kludge-y workaround with "categories." But it requires manually going back in after the fact to move things from available/full/cancelled/postponed to "archived."

It would be nice if there was a systematic way to do that. Especially, like an option to have things auto-expire once the event or instance of an event is past.

So, like, the admin could manually change status from "seats/admissions available" to "full" or to cancelled or postponed (maybe with the option for a date, if the replacement date is known; and maybe even an option, in that case to clone the event to that date with same time, details, body text, etc.). But at the ending date / time of the event, the status wold change to "expired" or "event over" or "archived" or whatever w/o the author having to manually go back and "do" something? And perhaps have a calendar event "color" associated with a particular status. Like dark green is Available, red is Cancelled, yellow is Full, blue is In Progress, purple is postponed, archived is black or dark gray, etc. Perhaps make the colors customizable for the different statuses, in case the calendar author prefers some specific color scheme?

If that all makes sense?

  • Michael Gmirkin
  • Mar 3 2016
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