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Ability to select/save Google view [Street vs. Satellite] when setting up event; set "default view"?

So, it would be nice if we could set it up, when making the event, whether the Google map of the location displays in street view or Satellite view. I prefer Satellite view, personally, but it seems to default to the more basic Street/Map view.

Could we maybe have a setting somewhere in settings to select whether maps default to one or the other?

And/or to "override" the default on particular events?

So, maybe in the back-end when designing the event, it would show the map, and thee would be 3 options: Default (whatever AI1EC default is set to), "Map" & "Satellite." The first would simply default to whatever setting is set for the default mapping view, and the other two would "override" the default. Or, I guess maybe it could even be simpler? There would be "default" and then the option for which ever of the two isn't he default. So, if "Map" was default, the buttons in the event wold be "Default" & "Satellite"; if the default was Satellite, the options would be "Default" & "Map?" I only say "Default" & "opposite," so that by having a "default" option, the user maybe knows there is in fact a setting to set a "default" view, and that they can go and change it if they need to? Otherwise, you could just have the two options, and highlight / display which ever the actual default setting was set to. There just wouldn't necessarily be an indicator to the end user there was a default or that they could change it?

Whatever works.

  • Michael Gmirkin
  • Mar 3 2016
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  • Guest commented
    May 27, 2016 18:13

    Agree. Entering in the address is inaccurate and cumbersome.