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Refresh ICS stream quicker than 1 hr?

I would be really neat if we could get the calendar ICS feed refreshed automatically at a 5 minute interval than 1 hour!

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  • Mar 3 2016
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    Robert Whiteside commented
    March 03, 2016 23:35

    Hey Josh, why would you need it to refresh every 5 minutes? As this would have a significant impact on traffic, I'm curious to see what are the sue cases here. Do you need to get the events 5 min after they are created? Are there a large number of events created one after the other one?

  • Guest commented
    March 04, 2016 03:30

    I am using it for a calendar on an "intranet".  The ICS file is pulling off of Office 365 and looks great, however the complaint we are getting is that it doesn't "update quick enough".  5 minutes is pretty aggressive and 15 is probably more of a better option. 

  • Admin
    Robert Whiteside commented
    March 04, 2016 22:23

    Hey Josh, thanks for the details. What I want to understand is, what is the impact at this moment with a 1hr update? Are people missing the event? Are they late because of it? i could see an issue if the users of your calendar nee to attend the events imported, and the imported events are being create 1-2 hours before the actual event actually takes place.

    Is that the case? Please tell me more about current impact ...


  • Guest commented
    March 04, 2016 22:39

    Correct.  Users are creating events but complain it "takes too long" to show up.  The users are also checking the calendar then going and putting in a meeting, those meetings get cancelled or book 2 events at the same time.  Basically we are pulling in Office 365 meeting room ICS files and "booking" meeting rooms.  They wanted something pretty to look at instead that everyone can see.

  • Jacob ben David commented
    September 25, 2016 19:41

    This would also help me. I would want to be able to set the time that it refreshes in the back end also. I'm using the calendar as a schedule for an Internet Radio Station. If users come to my page the "event" that is an hour long may not show up as over for a hour before it is gone in poster board and stream mode. It would be great to allow the Admin's to set the time.

  • Rich Taubin commented
    January 16, 2017 20:26

    Where are we with this option?  I would love to see some option here.  HOWEVER, it would actually be better to do a push rather than a pull, that way you don't have to worry about traffic.  I have one main calendar in Wordpress with 3 other Wordpress sites importing the feeds.  Please advise ... great product BTW ;)

  • Admin
    Robert Whiteside commented
    January 16, 2017 23:58

    Hey Rich, unfortunately no change in the short term for this due to other priorities raised my users. Will keep you posted with any changes...