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Specify start date for ICS export

I am using ai1ec to export events from WordPress sites into Jevents for Joomla!

I would like to be able to specify the start date for events in the ICS export URL, so that I can import all events to Jevents, not just upcoming events. I added the following code to lib/command/export-events.php :

line 56

$params['start'] = Ai1ec_Request_Parser::get_param(

line 114:

if ( ! empty( $this->_params['start'] ) )
                        $start =  $this->_registry->get( 'date.time', $this->_params['start'] );

Now I can use a URL like

Would it be possible to include something like this in future releases? It may be useful for other people, and it would prevent me from needing to make the changes again each time I update the plugin.

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  • Mar 3 2016
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