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Frontend Add My Event requires an account with email

It would be extremely helpful to have people that add their own events create a simple account with name, phone and email required fields to add an event. This would allow them to update information as it changes and change or update images on their event without calling us to make the changes for them that can take as long as an hour each with the back and forth. 

This would also give us the email for every person that adds an event so we can add them to our email list and communicate with them as we expand and make improvements.

It should be simple to make the Get Help link go directly to the event calendar owner rather than to Timely support team.

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  • Mar 13 2016
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  • Jan 25, 2017

    Admin Response

    This idea has been addressed on the new timely web application. Try out during private beta at

    All plans are FREE during private beta!

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