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Please Include Category in RSS feed

We want to use the RSS feed to let various people know  what's new ie "just added". The events RSS feed is perfect for this. but it doesn't currently carry the category in the feed, unlike the rss feed for WordPress posts.I am therefore not able to pick up the RSS feed for a specific category  or combination of categories in the normal way. Any chance Timely could add the category into the RSS feed?  

  • Tashmina Artists
  • Apr 11 2016
  • Planned: WP & Hosted
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  • robin ketelaars commented
    May 08, 2017 16:57
  • Karl Kristjánsson commented
    October 12, 2017 01:45

    For RSS Newsletter automation

    Instead of creating my own thread, I up-vote this for the Hosted hub.

    There is no RSS on the hub now.  The newsletter system is nice, but Mailchimp has multiple features that I don't expect to develop anytime soon.  One of those is RSS newsletters which has worked very nicely for years with the v1 of ai1ec.

    Being able to filter the RSS feed with tags and categories is important as well as setting a limit on number of events or a time range.  

    I hope this gets implemented, as it would allow customers to use the great newsletter interface that Mailchimp has to offer as well as a ton of other RSS possibilities.