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Allow manual or auto editing of image caption, description and alt tag for better SEO

Editors reviewing events may need to tweak this information on images for submitted events (e.g. adding an alt tag to describe what is in an image that was submitted for an event they are reviewing)

Currently only Users with the role "Administrator" can edit the caption, description and alt tag information for any piece of media in the media section of the dashboard.

Adding a separate control to allow the overall hub administrator to designate certain roles as being able to edit media metadata avoids the need for either the admin to edit this data for every piece of media themselves or simply make every member of their editorial team an administrator, which would not be ideal for security.

  • Graham Bruno
  • Apr 21 2016
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  • Brian Ball commented
    July 21, 2016 17:01

    One of the qualifications for popular SEO plugins that help posts of all types be best indexed in search engines is including the focus keyword / phrase in the Title + Alt Text + Description of the post's featured image.

    Now, when using the Hub calendar as opposed to the plugin version, we no longer have the ability to modify these fields on user-submitted images.

    It would be great if either solution would be implemented:

    1) Automatically add the event title to the image for the Title + Alt Text + Description fields
    2) Allow Hub Calendar owners to modify this information