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Option to change "Buy now" to "Register"

One thing I’d like to see incorporated and I don’t think would be hard would be registration for free events. I realize you can just put $0 in the cost and the user can proceed. However, they still have to click “Buy tickets” – if we could have the option to change this to “Register” and to have a checkmark that allows user to check “Free” for cost (or something like this) it would help tremendously.

  • Steven Bill
  • Apr 25 2016
  • Will Not Implement
  • Oct 6, 2016

    Admin Response

    We are using the "Tickets" for paid tickets, and "Register" for free events. No plans to make the text customizable for the mid term.

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  • Jennifer Skelton commented
    August 10, 2016 02:17

    Not sure about the free part but it would be nice for the button to say "register" instead of "buy now"

  • S Johnson commented
    August 11, 2016 11:02

    Or if the button said "Get Tickets" so it is ambiguous as to whether one has to pay for the tickets.

  • Robert Brown commented
    September 10, 2016 22:04

    My thought is have an option(s) to change it everywhere it is displayed, to whatever you want it to say...

    Registration, Pass, Ticket, Get in Free, etc...

    Don't need the free checkbox... In the title and description you put what the ticket cost and description is...

    They should be able to figure out it's free at that point.

  • Steven Bill commented
    October 06, 2016 14:51

    I'm assuming this hasn't been implemented yet otherwise how do we set events to "Register" then? When I select Free in the Ticketing section, I don't see a button for registration. And what if I don't require registration for my event? Do I have the option to not have the registration option then? 

  • Christy Allison commented
    April 04, 2017 19:08

    We added this code to our site Theme Options/Customize area (WP), and it changes "Tickets" to "Register" on event pages. 

    .ai1ec-tickets span {
      display: none !important;
    .ai1ec-tickets:after {
      content: "Register";

    However, it doesn't do anything for the new "Tickets" buttons in the calendar views. Anyone have a useful bit of custom code for that?

    Because we mostly have industry/professional/health and wellness related events, "Tickets" can sound just plain inappropriate even for paid events, and we're looking into alternate plug-ins since will not be addressing this issue (and a couple others that affect us as well).

  • Guest commented
    April 16, 2017 08:33

    I'm not sure how complicated this is but for a website selling classes - ie recurring events - the use of "tickets" makes absolutely no sense and means that even though I love this plugin I cannot use it for many customers.  Even using "Free" events I still get "Tickets" showing up not "Register".