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Make Calendar / Grid View Responsive

Currently, when viewed on smaller devices or in widget areas, the text inside each box just scrunches up to try and fit inside the smaller cell/box. A few other calendar plugin developers solve this problem by having a breaking point where the text simply turns into dots. A dot indicates there is an event on that day. When you hover over a dot, a "tooltip" appears with the information. This makes for an elegant and seamless transition from full-width desktop view to mobile view. This would also enable you to put the grid/monthly calendar in a widget and it actually look good / readable / professional.

  • Kary
  • May 6 2016
  • Shipped to Web App
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  • Admin
    Rik Logtenberg commented
    March 13, 2017 18:09

    Hi Kary. Thanks for raising this idea.

    We are sending it to our technical team.

    Timely Dev Team