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Organizers need to have their own payment gateway options or we need a service fee option

Currently there is no way for an organizer to know how many tickets are sold nor do they feel confident they will receive their money from the timely owner. They should have an option to setup their own payment gateway or we should be able to add in a fee for receiving their money as well as a reporting option for them.

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  • May 13 2016
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  • Chris Kalathas commented
    October 29, 2016 02:26

    If The Event Calendar, Event Espresso and could have a baby, it would be the perfect event management solution!

    I'm on this site today because I need to move away from my current solution, but I really need this option for my customers. has everything else I need and more.

    I currently use The Event Calendar due to the Community Ticketing feature which allows me to have registered, paying users to promote their events and sell tickets.  What it's missing is the ability to promote the events on different social media platforms, and allow visitors to the site to customise their calendar views and save events - a feature that has excelled in.

    It's unclear how many votes are required for this feature, but I doubt 2 votes will get this over the line ... nonetheless, I'll be keeping an eye on this request to see what happens.

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    Robert Whiteside commented
    October 31, 2016 19:37

    Hey Chris, timely offers the ticketing feature with no service fees even, for now at least, and this is included in all our plans. We also have the event promote feature, available only for our hosted hub users, and you can find our more about it here:

    I don't think I understand yet what features you would need Timely to add, but I'm very curious...


  • Chris Kalathas commented
    October 31, 2016 21:26

    Hi Aristotel,
    I'm seeking the feature requested in this idea.
    My site allows users/companies to sign up and sell tickets on my site. All their events are listed in my calendar. They can setup payment options so that they get paid as tickets are sold. I can configure the gateway so that my fee is paid to my PayPal account and my customers receive the balance.
    This encourages people to sign up knowing they'll get paid.
    Hope this clarifies my earlier comments
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  • Jonathan Moore commented
    November 04, 2016 13:29

    It's not about whether is waiving services fees on the ticketing.
     - For events in China, payment in Chinese currency with Alipay / WeChat pay is needed
     - sites which already sell products via wooCommerce would expect to offer their customers the same payment gateway as the main site.  As a simple example, buy a ticket to this show.. and the CD and the T-shirt at the same time!
    The solution at the moment is not to use the ticketing, use an alternative ticketing solution with the calendar luckily is still possible.