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Weather Forecast for the Event's Date/Time

We use the Timely Calendar for the event schedule for outdoor festivals on our wordpress website.

While there are a number of weather plug-ins one thing that is not readily (or easily) available is getting the forecast for a specific event.  I'd like when I look at the details of a specific event, I can see when, where, and details.  Since we use it for outdoor stuff, we'd like the the forecast to be shown as well.


So, when the forecast is not yet available because the event is say two weeks out - it would say - Forecast Not Yet Available.

Once we're close enough date wise, it should show the forecast for that date, or for that date/start time.

Once we're past the date - it should show nothing or maybe have the option to show what the actual weather was for that date/time.

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  • Jun 9 2016
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