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Add important SEO features - to get extra organic traffic


Quick lesson: 

At present, the native plug in inserts the event title as the main 'Title tag' of the event. This is ok but it could be further enhanced (and more organic traffic would be gained) if the plug in could go with the following important seo page title tag:

Event Title | Event Venue | Summary Date


Mega Rock Heads | Moonlight Lounge | 27 June 2015 | 9.30pm

In summary, please allow custom Title tags to events to allow us to gain more traffic from search engines. Every 'page' or individual url of a website needs to have a unique title tag. if there are multiple events with the same name in the event calendar there will be a duplicate title tags which is not great for google rankings. 



Quick lesson:

At present, the native plug in does not provide a Meta Description. The meta description is important in regards to click through rate on the search engine results page. 

It would be great if this attribute was added to the native plug in and even better if we were allowed to add custom description tags. 

In summary, please add meta description tag to all events, preferably one that is customizable or else go with:

Event Title. Event date. Event venue. {first 100 characters of the page}


Happy to help/advise if this feature goes ahead. 

  • Terence O'Toole
  • Jul 7 2016
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  • Geoff Larsen commented
    May 02, 2018 15:05

    Has anyone found a workaround for this? 

  • Guest commented
    May 23, 2018 21:34

    As free support took years, include date in title to avoid duplicate content