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Google map not showing - Google Maps API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError

Users: "This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details."
I have added the API key and verified the domain with Google but this did not resolve the issue.

"Same behavior here as well -- API key added, still getting MissingKeyMapError JS error in console. Caches have been flushed, plugins disabled, still same behavior."

  • Benjamin
  • Aug 3 2016
  • Shipped to WP & Hosted
  • Sep 26, 2016

    Admin Response

    We investigated and the issue is not on our product.

    Potential causes are:

    - API key incorrectly configured

    - Google Maps is being loaded twice on the web page, once by our plugin, and maybe a second time by a different plugin. WIth the current Google Map code, browsers can only display the map if there's just a single embed code for it.

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  • Lynne Emasai commented
    August 03, 2016 14:17

    Patiently waiting for this to be fixed.

  • Chris Allen commented
    August 03, 2016 16:23

    Let me know when a fix is found. Thanks

  • Calvin Yeh commented
    August 04, 2016 15:36

    Please provide your calendar URLs so we can see what is going on.


    The possible causes are:

    - API key incorrectly configured

    - Google Maps JS is being loaded twice



  • Ray Owen commented
    August 04, 2016 17:37

    Waiting patiently.

  • Lynne Emasai commented
    August 04, 2016 19:17

    Here is mine

    We stopped adding the address into the calendar beyond this, so as not to show the errors.

  • Ray Owen commented
    August 04, 2016 20:11

    And here's mine

  • Ray Owen commented
    August 13, 2016 06:40

    That's no help is it!!  How would we know if Google Maps JS is being loaded twice? Where would we look?

  • Ray Owen commented
    August 14, 2016 10:45

    OK after hearing what had to say I went back to my website absolutely sure of the fact that I didn't have Google maps loading twice , so tried relooking at the API.

    I went back to Google API Manager and found I had tried on more than one occasion to set up an API for this site so started by removing all the instances I had previously set up.

    So now back to a completely blank API Manager I went about setting up a new API and didn't use the 'optional' choice of adding an HTTP refferer site - added the new API to my Events Calendar - problem solved - Hurray!!!

    I know Google say you should add a refferer but it also says in very nearly greyed out lettering that this is optional, so I tried it without and it works for me - I'll take my chances with someone else using it and 'stealing my quota' at least for now.

  • Lynne Emasai commented
    August 15, 2016 14:48

    It would have been so simple if you had told us that you cannot have another instance of a Google Map on your site even using an iframe. I removed the iframe from my Contact page, changed the API key and now it works. I am not at all impressed with your support.

  • Admin
    Robert Whiteside commented
    August 15, 2016 15:01

    @Ray, happy you managed to find the rootcause and fix it!

    @Lynne, we actually didn't know about this until you guys escalated it? We weren't able to reproduce, so Calvin, one of our developers just passed to me the messages he saw. Now, with more info from you guys we'll write a troubleshooting post so peoples know about this limitation.

    Thanks again for your patience.

  • Kyle Dostaler commented
    August 22, 2016 16:35

    Hello, I'm getting the same related error:

    This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.


    Do you know if Google Tag Manager can cause this same error? Is this also a conflict causing the JS to be be loaded twice?

    Thanks for when you can reply.

  • Therese Oldenburg commented
    August 26, 2016 15:34

    I am experiencing the same issue on a new site. My theme is DIVI and I placed my Google API in the appropriate place in theme options. The DIVI maps works fine. The map does not. 

    js:37 Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError @ js:37
    util.js:207 Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys

  • Richard Heathcote commented
    August 31, 2016 17:21

    I've had this today too, having just installed this plugin on my business networking website. I tried Ray's process he mentioned, by removing referrer site from API generation tool, and low and behold, it now works! Thanks Ray, you're a star.

  • Kathleen DD commented
    September 26, 2016 17:50

    Is there a fix yet?

  • Admin
    Robert Whiteside commented
    September 26, 2016 19:15

    Kathleen - there is no fix needed from our side. Per the admin response to this ticket the possible causes are:

    - API key incorrectly configured

    - Google Maps JS is being loaded twice

    Please check your google map configuration.

  • Lynne Emasai commented
    September 26, 2016 19:29

    Guys they are not spelling out in clear English that if you have another Google map loading into a contact page or the footer for example, the google map will not load into the calendar. In other words if you use this calendar you can only have one Google map on your site, in their calendar.


    @timely, I think you should make this abundantly clear, instead of saying "not our fault" - "Google Maps JS is being loaded twice". In point of fact, we should be allowed to have 2 instances of Google maps on our site, 

  • Kathleen DD commented
    September 27, 2016 12:39

    I don't have a second map and I didn't link the API with a referrer site.

  • Mike Backhouse commented
    November 19, 2016 22:47

    Hi, I have generated a new Google API key (which is the only one in the account),  how do I make the Timely widget use this new key? Thanks in advance

  • Mike Backhouse commented
    November 19, 2016 22:50

    Ah got it - posted to soon :)

  • James Horine commented
    November 20, 2016 06:21

     I had the same problem, google map not loading giving java error message etc. I found out I had 2 open API keys with Google Maps. I used the verify Google API keys to find them. Click on the create credentials button and select API keys. Mine showed 2 API keys assigned to me. I deleted the second key and verified the first key by again hitting the credentials button and API button. Copied and pasted the first API key in the appropriate spot. Refreshed my Calendar screen and Google Map now working. So Timely is right it is not their fault but mine. I had already used another calendar product and got an earlier API key for it I deleted that plugin and installed Timely plugin. I did not bother to write down the first API and just ordered another one which caused the problem. I now had 2 API keys with google and so Google Maps would fail and give out a javascript error message. Delete the 2nd API key in Google API and my problem was solved. Hope this helps some of you?!!

  • Joel Gonzalez commented
    December 23, 2016 15:23

    I have had the same problem. I created the api and added it. The error message goes away but now i just have a blank brown screen. When I click on the enlarge map button, google maps loads fine in a new window. So my issue is down to just making the map display on the event page as I am certain eveything is configured properly and there are no plugin conflicts.

  • Elisa Sperti commented
    August 10, 2017 20:15

    I really can't understand what I have to do to fix the problem. I got the API Key, there is no other map on the website, no refferer on the API, but still not working.. is there any configuration that I am missing?

    Can anyone help telling how the configuration should look like?

  • Marcos Dutra commented
    January 23, 2018 11:52

    You have to go to "libraries" in the Google API management page and ENABLE the use of the API key for website maps.