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Preserve changes made to events retrieved from feeds > Allow Editing of Event Time

When checking the box labeled, "Preserve changes made to events retrieved from feeds", there is a message that checking this box will not preserve changes we've made to the start/end dates for the event.

In the plugin version, checking this box DID allow for modifying the event time/date.

Our workflow used to be that when pulling in a multi-day event from a calendar feed, we could modify the date to accomplish the following goal:

Multi-day events get "stuck" to the top of our calendar, and we're looking for a way to only display either:

a) the event's initial start date, or

b) the event today / the current date

Long story short, when multi-day events appear on the calendar, they display the initial start date and the end date. When viewing the calendar these events "stick" to the top and display the original start date, not the current date. To avoid many of these clustering at the top of the calendar, we would edit each event to start and end on the initial start date, then make the event a "recurring" event on each successive day. This allowed the event to display on the calendar with ONLY the current date and not get "stuck" at the top, forcing all other events for the day down...

  • Brian Ball
  • Aug 3 2016
  • Will Not Implement
  • Oct 13, 2016

    Admin Response

    The core problem seems to be the way multi day events are displayed. Please raise a separate idea for this, or vote on an existing one. 

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  • Brian Ball commented
    October 13, 2016 18:13

    I'm not 100% sure I agree with the admin response.

    In our present case, we only allow multi-day events to display for those who've purchased a "Featured" event on our site.

    However, when pulling in feeds that contain multi-day events, we'd like to be able to modify the date range to only include the first day the event is taking place.

    However, not being able to modify the date of events pulled in from feeds is prohibiting us from controlling this aspect of our calendar.

    Thank you for your consideration!