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Import - maintain hypelink functionality

Events I am importing from have a hyperlink in their body parts.  Suggestion is to simply maintain the functionality of the original source hyperlink.

I am seeing differing results (it is not easy to know when external events were last updated / imported) - sometimes just the link text is rendered, other times the link text and the URL in <> (but is un-clickable) is displayed, as in...

Enquire about this event.<mailto:******@guillemot-trust.****?subject=R-160818%20reservation%20request&body=Guillemot%20Trust%20-%20Giving%20anyone%20the%20experience%20of%20sailing%0A%0APlease%20supply%20your%20contact%20details:-%20%0A%0AName:%20%0AEmail:%20%0ATelephone%20number:>

  • Kevin Johnson
  • Aug 11 2016
  • Will Not Implement
  • Oct 6, 2016

    Admin Response

    Please raise this with the support team.

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  • Kevin Johnson commented
    October 06, 2016 10:04

    Are you implying this is a defect, which should work without the need to enhance the product?