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Access to manually add customers to an event list with a different price or no payment at all

It would be great to have an admin side where you can add or remove guests manually. For example, claiming a free event giveaway, running discounts... Basically, having a way to sign people up with a different price. It could be a free price, $10 off, half off, etc...  


Other Ideas:

Does anyone else have this problem? Or, possibly a way you can sync the event list/guest list with a different program... that you can then edit? 

How are other companies staying organized with event lists? We switched over to in hopes of it helping.

Any advice or assistance would be very much appreciated. 

  • June Parker
  • Sep 30 2016
  • Planned: All
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  • Robert Brown commented
    October 02, 2016 23:53

    Only way I can think of doing it... the way it currently is, is to:

    Create a clone of the event with tickets / pricing you want, BUT put it in a category by itself and on a page only admins will have access to. (I use AAM to control access to my pages.)

    Use this shortcode on a page to display the events:

    [ai1ec view="agenda" cat_name="My Free / Discounted Category Name" events_limit="enter number of events you want to list per page"]

    Plus you can't send customer's to that or those page(s) cause, 1) they would need to signup, 2) then you would need to have a page limiter... otherwise they could pass around the UN/PW and / or the discounted ticket pricing link. You also could get fancy and use buddy press and S2member, but you would need the pro version to limit access. However by using buddy press, you are looking at more security risks / spamming to your site so make sure you lock it down with the huge assortment of security / splogger software out there. The setup for all 3 programs and any security software, is way beyond what I want to explain here.

    As far as deleting / editing them... I haven't had time to look into that yet... at the moment, you can't unless you edit the db... but it is also on timely's servers too... so it may cause issues.... with your db, timely's db and with paypal if they are paying for tickets.

    Plus timely sends the end user the ticket... so revoking it and or changing it to another person... will be another problem. I can see where I might eventually run into that problem also...