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Twitter feature: It is not possible to authorize the app to post to Twitter

1. User:
I keep getting the following alert:

Timely Alert:
Please visit Twitter Integration Add-on Settings page and authorize plugin with your Twitter account.

I've followed the steps for the Twitter Add-on, and clicked on the link to authorize the app, but it keeps going to a blank browser window.

2. User:
It's still not working and when I go to Follow this link ( to authorize this app to post to Twitter. And click on that link, the page hangs and the authorization doesn't occur.

Also when I check a pending event, there is no option to "tweet this event" as there was for a brief moment in time a week or two ago.

3. Ben: I checked this issue and this is a bug, after the user creates a Twitter app and enter Application Consumer Key & Consumer Secret, it is necessary to authorize the app, a link is located below the key/secret fields(Events > Settings > Add-ons > Twitter). Link opens a Twitter page where it is necessary to click "Authorize app" button, then Twitter redirects to application page, in our case calendar admin panel, but nothing happens, opens a blank page and feature do not work.

  • Benjamin
  • Oct 17 2016
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