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Please add print button to all views, especially month view.

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  • Dec 10 2015
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  • Leslie Dunn commented
    February 24, 2016 14:00

    This feature would be fantastic!  Also to make sure you can print a filtered month view calendar also.  Even if it came up as a .pdf that would be great!

  • LZ Castello commented
    February 29, 2016 21:50

    It would be perfect if we could print in a good quality for Month-view. I agree that PDF would be good, also. (Screenshot plugins leave us with fuzzy print.)  Thank you for your WONDERFUL plugin!

  • Admin
    Robert Whiteside commented
    March 01, 2016 20:48

    Hey guys, did anybody tried using Print Friendly plugin for their calendar?

    Curious if that is a good workaround meanwhile.

    Please let us now...

  • Shawn Ryan commented
    March 01, 2016 22:30

    Aristotel - that didn't meet our needs. Admittedly, we have a unique situation. We need to be able to print 11x17 and take up as much of the page as possible. The solution we've crafted for now is we're using WinCalendar ( plugin for Microsoft Word. Then we're pulling the ICS feed from our calendar into Word using that plugin and formatting for the 11x17 print we need. This has it's own issues, and we'd switch to using your feature (free or paid) if built. To give you an example, we paid hundreds of dollars to license WinCalendar at multiple sites to solve this problem. Pulling in the ICS feed caused issues this month with Daylight Savings Time offsets. We also lose things like special formatting for all day events and some other related things that would make it better done from a native print feature. 

    If you develop something, I'm happy to beta it. I have a few clients using your plugin in a few different ways.

  • Sue Ingenluyff commented
    March 01, 2016 22:37

    I have tried both Print Friendly and WP-Print plugins, but have no luck printing the month.  Both seem to want to print a single event from the calendar.

  • Leslie Dunn commented
    March 02, 2016 17:48

    I tried the printer friendly didn't work :-(  Nothing showed up from the calendar, just other text on the page.  Thanks for the suggestion though!

  • Renee Beard commented
    March 03, 2016 02:47

    We need to be able to print an event and have the date, time, details, and room location all on one page.  If we print from agenda view, it leaves out the date, time, and room location.  Can you please, please, please fix the print options?  PS  Good monthly view printing would also be good.

  • Jimmy Nolan commented
    August 30, 2016 13:48

    Just diving into but at first blush this would be helpful for some in the education field that are not paperless....yet

  • Leslie Dunn commented
    September 14, 2016 15:37

    I have been reduced to copying the whole calendar, in month view and pasting into a word doc.  This helps, but still some formatting needs adjustment!  This feature would be great!!

  • Karina Anderson commented
    September 29, 2016 18:01

    Yes, please add this feature! I manage the website for a high school and we are having so many parents complaining about not being able to print the month view.

  • Jon Rodman commented
    January 18, 2017 16:16

    Sometimes Organizations print out the calendar and leave a copy in the reception area for customers to pick up and take with them.  If there was a built in way for people to print  from the calendar on WordPress then would be the only calendar function they would need for both online and printed calendars. 

    BTW, the Print Friendly plugin does seem to work for this now, however the formatting is not quite right. 

  • R T commented
    January 23, 2017 20:28

    Another vote for this one! We really need to be able to print out the monthly, weekly, and posterboard views for various filtered views of the calendar. 

  • Guest commented
    March 14, 2017 21:34

    Curious to know how many votes it takes to turn this into an action. Seems to be a good amount of interest.

  • Robert Wonders commented
    March 31, 2017 21:11

    I surprised this can't be done! This is a client must. Please add or I'll be forced to use another plugin

  • E Fujan commented
    April 05, 2017 22:48

    I will have to switch calendars this summer if we can't get the month view print option.  Looking at moving to a calendar that enables a month view for printing, for three different schools I work with.  Any news on when this might be available? 

  • AJ SOnnick commented
    April 28, 2017 13:54

    We really need this feature.


    If we can't print, maybe you can implement an export to PDF feature? so that users can then print that way?


    Please - we use your calendar on so many of our websites we really need this.

  • Lauren Tiura commented
    June 16, 2017 17:07

    NEED this feature! Please! I have had a client require this and if I can't make it happen I'll have to find another event plugin to use.

  • Brian Coale commented
    January 16, 2018 17:22

    Looks like customers have been asking for this for at least two years, but still no dice. It seems like such a no-brainer, and seems to be the only web-based calendar I've seen that doesn't support this.

  • Chelsea Kovalevskiy commented
    January 25, 2018 14:26

    We've been happy with timely for two years, but if being able to print the monthly calendar doesn't happen soon, we will need to switch plugins as well. Any updates?

  • Brenda Scott commented
    07 Feb 23:03

    PLEASE add a print button for the calendar!!!   My church sites all ask if this can't be an option and I have to keep saying no..:(     Begging....

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    11 Feb 11:04

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