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I am not receiving notifications from front end user submissions

User: "I have the notifications set to go to a gmail account, but after submitting several test events from a variety of email submittor accounts, I am not seeing any notifications - not even in spam, updates or any other tabs."

Ben: I tested and this is a bug. The correct email address is in Dashboard > Events > Settings > Add-ons > Notifications will be sent to this email and Dashboard > Settings > General > Email Address, but notification does not come when someone submit event.

  • Benjamin
  • Oct 31 2016
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  • Marianne Gagnon commented
    October 31, 2016 17:45

    I have the same problem. Tried it out multiple times and I haven't had a single notification come to me.

  • sarah giberson commented
    November 01, 2016 14:32

    Not getting notifications. I did a test event and was told my event was successfully posted, however the event didn't actually even go to the drafts (I have it set up that I must approve the events to be published). This is an even bigger problem!

  • sarah giberson commented
    November 01, 2016 14:43

    Sorry...I meant the "PENDING" folder.

  • steven vargas commented
    November 01, 2016 21:12

    3 more events came up and I have not been notified via email

  • Matt Lipman commented
    November 02, 2016 15:16

    Same issue. When our clients submit events, we no longer receive notifications. This use to work for several months.

  • Guest commented
    November 02, 2016 19:26

    Same issue - it just suddenly stopped working.

  • Albert BARNES commented
    November 02, 2016 19:27

    Please fix. Also check as I do not believe the poster receives notification either.

  • steven vargas commented
    November 08, 2016 01:48

    Still not working.  Any updates?

  • steven vargas commented
    November 08, 2016 01:49

    Why does it say "

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